Parent Helpers


Micro Soccer
Micro Soccer is co-ed soccer for preschool and kindergarten students. It is available for 6-week seasons in the Fall and the Spring, on Sunday afternoons at St. Cecilia’s soccer fields. The kids have a 30 minute practice followed by a 30 minute game of 3-on-3. This is a great way for families to get to know each other and create friendships. Volunteers are needed to coach teams. If you would like more information about this activity, please contact Drew Gerken at 


Fall and spring soccer is available to all 1st through 8th grade boys and girls.  We are in need of parent volunteers to coach our teams.  If you would like more information about being a soccer coach, contact Dan Bartels at

School Art Instructor, Christine Koehn, relies on volunteers to help her coordinate in-class art projects, especially with the younger grades. Ideally, volunteers could help on a weekly basis. Contact Ms. Koehn at to learn more.  

Our library classes meet on Monday and Wednesdays. School Librarian, Sheila Turbes, relies on volunteers to assist with checking out books and can use help especially with the younger grades. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Mrs. Turbes at

School volleyball (girls 5th-8th), basketball (boys and girls 3rd-8th), and track (boys and girls 5th-8th) are coordinated by Athletic Director, Shaina McBride. This includes registration, coaching, practices, and overseeing the gym during games. Contact her at to inquire about volunteer opportunities.

Operetta is a performance of students grades 3-8 (chorus), and 5-8 (auditioned cast). It is held the second week of March on the main stage of the school gymnasium. Volunteers for Operetta set and scenery will be needed in the month of February, on evenings and weekends. It is possible to do some work from your home.

Song Fest
Song Fest is an all school (K-8th grade) song and dance performance. It is held the second week in May in the gymnasium. Volunteers are needed to develop choreography and teach the dance steps to the students. The homeroom teachers will monitor the class and also may take over teaching the steps after the class has learned it for the first time. Dance steps are to be appropriate to the skill level of the class. The dance may be developed any time after Christmas and teaching begins in late March or early April. For more information about this activity please contact your homeroom teacher.